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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Of Health Care Reform

I am all for reform; after all, I am a son of the Protestant Reformation. Reformation in the 1500s was a return in the church to the Scriptures as the Word of God; and in large measure the culture was reformed also as an indirect result.

Would that the church of our day would experience reformation anew. After all, how is it that as a society we have reached the place where abortion is commonplace? How have we arrived at a place in our thinking where the murder of an unborn child is acceptable for convenience sake or as a way of dealing with promiscuity or with poverty? Why is it that Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger saw abortion as a way of population control to purge society of undesirables [See the film Maafa 21.]? What has been the church's witness while this was happening?

We have heard of the furor in the House and Senate over health care reform, especially touching on the issue of abortion. I am all for health care reform, especially if it would mean the reformation of the way we think about human life and the society's obligation to preserve it. Let the church of Jesus Christ lead the way.

No, I am not suggesting that the church as church become politically activistic. What I am saying is that the church should preach the whole counsel of God, faithfully demonstrating all three marks of the church: faithful preaching of the Word, faithful administration of the sacraments, and the faithful exercise of church discipline. How can we expect society to exercise wise self-discipline if the church cannot discipline herself? Again I say, let the church of Jesus Christ lead the way.


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